News | 16/03/2017

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Festival artist Theaster Gates is bringing to Helsinki The Black Monks of Mississippi, his sound ensemble who open-mindedly combine black music with eastern influences. Photo: Veikko Somerpuro / IHME

At the Well

Racialisation means that presumptions, stereotypes and prejudiceS are attributed to people due to their skin colour, religion or ethnic background. At this Well, Julian Honkasalo, a post doctoral social scientist, discusses the contribution of Hannah Arendt to racialisation, its political consequences, and significance to the refugee crisis. Racialisation, being black and cultural adoption will also be an important theme at the IHME festival in April.

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At the Saari Well

The Saari Residence has concluded a cooperation agreement with Perpetuum Mobile and Saastamoinen Foundation concerning Artists at Risk residence activities. An Artist at risk residence provides threatened art professionals the opportunity to create art in a safe residential environment. In March, another new group of artists began their two-month period of work at the Saari Residence. Renovations have continued in the cellar of the Saari Residence main building, and we have received some interesting news as the work has progressed. We are also planning our fifth collaborative exhibition with Photographic Gallery Hippolyte.

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