News | 16/02/2017

Jenni Laiti is a Sami activist and a member of the Suohpanterror collective. Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi

At the Well

It is our second time At the Well, this time with a focus on indigenous peoples. Jenni Laiti, a Sámi artist, discusses what it is like to live in the margins of an indigenous people? What happens there? Why are margins like that especially important for the world and its future? Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen, assistant professor in indigenous studies, clarifies what such studies are and why they are needed.

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At the Saari Well

In February, the sun is blinding after the dark winter. In this At the Well publication, visual artist Hodhayfa Salih wants to show the world and the audience how people live in Iraq and other war zones. We also introduce our new colleague, ccordinator Veera Schrey. Saari alumna, translator Kristiina Drews, visited the library in Mynämäki in early February to talk about her work.

Read At the Saari Well 2 /2017


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