Personnel and contact information

Kone Foundation office
Tehtaankatu 21 B 49, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
+358 (0) 9 260 0617

Please send the inquiries regarding the awarded grants and grant payments to or call +358 (0) 9 260 0617.


Personnel and contact information of the Saari Residence


The Chamber (Kamari)
Tehtaankatu 21 B 45, 5th floor
00150 Helsinki

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Kalle Korhonen
Head of research funding
+358 (0)50 344 7468

Funding for research and its popularization, artistic research.

Kalle’s background is in Classics and in the historical sociolinguistics of the ancient Roman world, but he has also made modest contributions in other fields of historical linguistics. His heart beats for dancing, canoeing and contemporary art, whenever his children give him a break.


Anna Talasniemi
Executive director
+358 (0)41 437 6976

Anna is in charge of the Tehtaankatu office and manages the foundation’s operations, which does not include financial management and the Saari Residence. Anna is also responsible for arts and culture matters at the foundation. Before taking on the role of executive director, she was the foundation’s head of cultural affairs and before that the research secretary. Anna likes to make and eat food and has, in fact, made two cookbooks in addition to her work at the foundation. Anna is also an enthusiastic gardener and loves cycling to work.
Read more about Anna: Listen, question and bear in mind how privileged you are



Hilkka Salonen
Head of administration (On leave until September 2017)
+358 (0)50 531 1491

Hilkka takes care of the foundation’s finances, financial management and administration.

Heljä Franssila
Head of communications

Heljä is in charge of the planning, development and implementation of communications on behalf of the Foundation.

Neea Eloranta
Office secretary
+358 (0)40 832 5156

Neea provides support to the foundation’s grant recipients and applicants, takes care of payment matters, participates in organising events and looks after routine matters. Nature, travel and photography are all close to Neea’s heart. She can also be found dancing or curled up with a good book.



Tiina Toivonen
Head of finance
+358 (0)50 337 6544

Tiina takes care of the foundation’s finances and financial management.

Laura Sahamies
Communications coordinator
+358 (0)44 276 7517



Päivi Niemi
Administrative secretary
040 701 0982

Päivi is responsible for the Foundation’s personnel management, invoice and grants payment, monthly accounting and other supportive financial management tasks. In her leisure time, Päivi enjoys music, sports and good books. She goes to gigs whenever she can and is an avid sports fan. She also plays tennis and is a member of an adults’ cheerleading team.

Maija Koivisto
Office and communication assistant
+358 (0) 9 260 0617

Katri Yates
Investment and financial advisor

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