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Welcome to the media section for Kone Foundation and Saari Residence. We help journalists to find information, specialists and interviewees. Do not hesitate to contact us!
Apurahaa. Nyt -pikahaku 2015 Koneen Säätiön toimistolla © Neea Eloranta

At Kone Foundation, please contact Communications Coordinator Laura Sahamies. Laura’s telephone number is +358 44 276 7517 and email

At Saari Residence your contact person is Residency Coordinator Pirre Naukkarinen. Call Pirre at +358 44 031 4201 ja or email her at

All other contact information can be found here

Kone Foundation press releases


Kone Foundation awarded 42 million euros for research and the arts (08/12/2016)


Highly topical contemporary art at the National Museum: IHME and Kone Foundation on the Day of Foundations and Donors (15/09/2015)

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Saari Residence Press Releases


Saari Residence places for 2017 awarded (12 October, 2016)

Matthew Cowan is the next Saari Invited Artist (16 June, 2016)


Saari Residence places awarded for 2016 (6 October, 2015)

Hanneriina Moisseinen is the next invited artist at the Saari Residence (19 May, 2015)


Jonimatti Joutsijärvi is the next invited artist at the Saari Residence (16 June, 2014)

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You can find our photos and infograhps from our Flickr account. The photos are free to use with editorial content related to Kone Foundation or Saari Residence. Please remember to publish the name of the photographer when using the material.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.

Kone Foundation on Flickr

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Here you can download the Kone Foundation logo.

Kone Foundation (jpg)
Kone Foundation (pdf)
Kone Foundation (black logo, jpg)

Koneen Säätiö (jpg)
Koneen Säätiö (pdf)
Koneen Säätiö (musta logo, jpg)

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Konestiftelsen (pdf)
Konestiftelsen (svart logo, jpg)

If you need the logo in some other format or colour, please contact

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