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It is important to us that research and its results are shared beyond researchers and their community. We believe that research is valuable as is, but that it can also have the power to change the world. That is why we make research visible.

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Highlighting research | 08.12.2016

Hair that circles the world

Where does hair come from, who handles it, who sells it, who uses it? How do mental images of “good” hair circulate in the hair business, and how do they affect race, gender and class?

Highlighting research | 13.09.2016

Youth, media, and the metro

How do young people live in an increasingly digitalised city? What is the current metro culture like? These are some of the questions that the Digital Youth in Media City project hopes to answer. The project combines aspects of media studies, sociology, youth research, and urban studies, and pools together Russian and Finnish researchers to carry out fieldwork on the metro systems of Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

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