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Funding | 08.12.2015

Essay collection for brown girls

Koko Hubara’s essay collection prompts discussion on race-related feminism in Finland.

Funding | 18.11.2015

Travel grant decisions

We awarded travel grants on November 18, 2015. Researchers working with foundation’s personal researcher grant travel all over the world.

Funding | 15.10.2015

Record amount of grant applications received

The application period for Kone Foundation grants ended on 30 September. We received over 6,000 applications which is more than ever before.

Funding | 30.09.2015

Application period for grants ends 30 September at 7pm

We continued the application period for Kone Foundation grants until 7pm.

Funding | 19.07.2015

Advice on grant applications

Are you thinking of applying for a grant from the Kone Foundation? Are you unsure about focus areas or technical matters? If so, come and find out more at the application advice sessions on September.

Kone Foundation | 08.12.2015

Merry Christmas!

The Kone Foundation office is closed from 24 December until 3 January.

Kone Foundation | 16.10.2015

Thematic grant calls were assessed by Cupore

The Foundation for Cultural Policy Research (Cupore) assessed Kone Foundation’s thematic grant calls Evolutionary Perspectives on the Human Sciences (2008) and Multilingualism and Art from the perspective of impact.

Kone Foundation | 14.10.2015

Proven information on population change

Are you looking for balanced dialogue on migration, multiculturalism, group relationships, conflicts, social integration, forming families and suicide?

Kone Foundation | 02.10.2015

Highly topical contemporary art at the Foundation Day

Finland’s second Foundation Day was held on 1 October. The target was to widely publicise the work of foundations and the support they provide to art, research and culture.

Kone Foundation | 01.09.2015

Kamari for grant recipients

The Chamber (Kamari) is a meeting place and event venue intended for Kone Foundation grant recipients.

Kone Foundation | 20.08.2015

Welcome Sanni!

Sanni Lyytinen started as administrative secretary at Kone Foundation.

Saari Residence | 20.01.2016

Hanneriina Moisseinen: Dear listeners

The comic strips of Saari Residence’s invited artist, cartoonist Hanneriina Moisseinen, will be on display at Galleria Katarina from 27 January until 14 February 2016. The Hyvät kuuntelijat (Dear listeners) exhibition tells a story about cows and war and is set in the summer of 1944, during the Continuation War.

Saari Residence | 14.01.2016

First guests of the year arrived

The first guests of the year are researcher and cartoonist Hugo Almeida, author Marianne Backlén, clown Gabriela Muñoz, animation director Tatu Pohjavirta, artist Kaisa Salmi, puppeteer and puppet theatre director Outi Sippola, visual artist Martta Tuomaala and researcher Daniel McKay.

Saari Residence | 22.12.2015

Triennial of the community art RECEPTION 31 March – 5 June 2016

The first RECEPTION triennial of the community art will be launched next spring at the Saari Residence. It will be produced together by the Regional Office of Southwest Finland of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and several different local contributors.

Saari Residence | 13.11.2015

Last guests of the year at the Saari Residence

In November and December, nine artists and one researcher who is working on a Kone Foundation grant will be working at the Saari Residence. The work of this diverse group consists of crossing borders between various arts, otherness, quantum physics and mythology.

Saari Residence | 15.10.2015

Art as a means to influence society

Toni Meštrović and Nadija Mustapić are Croatian audiovisual artists whose works have been exhibited in Turku and the Saari Residence during October 2015.

Saari Residence | 06.10.2015


We received a total of 378 applications this year. The applications were of a high standard and we selected an exciting group for the residence periods in 2016. More than 60 per cent of the applications came from abroad, from a total of 39 different countries.

Saari Residence | 01.10.2015

Foundation Day and Saari Fellows in Turku on 1 October 2015

Thursday 1 October is the second Foundation day in Finland and the Saari Residence, maintained by Kone Foundation, will participate the day in Turku.

Invited artist | Saari Residence | 11.09.2015

Hanneriina Moisseinen starts work as our new invited artist

Cartoonist Hanneriina Moisseinen will start her eight-month residency at the beginning of September.

Saari Residence | 21.08.2015

Summer’s last groups at the Saari Residence

The end of August will once again mark the close of a busy summer at the Saari Residence and the end of the summer’s group residencies. The groups resident during August are the multidisciplinary Inner Spaces and, combing art and science, Quantum Puppetry.


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